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Koch is founded

Established in 1987 by Eugênia and Egon Koch, with Headquarters of the Headquarters in Estância Velha, RS, for more than thirty years in the market, KOCH EPIs has the mission of providing protection and quality to people’s lives. Its principles have always been based on products of quality, service, innovation, socio-environmental responsibility.

The company in its process of continuous improvement and innovation, aiming to standardize products in 2005 incorporated in its commercial group a tannery, verticalizing the supply chain, thus being able to develop products made with technical leathers that result in high performance and quality EPIs. In 2017, the company was taken over by its successors and Gloves Koch became known as KOCH EPIs. Without losing tradition and principles, with the commitment of always, segmented new lines of equipment of personal protection, accessories and signage.

As a result, KOCH Indústria e Comércio in 2018 was the first branch in São Paulo to produce these new product lines, such as: face respirators, uniforms, injected as safety glasses and signaling materials. With this, it can also improve its national logistics and prepares itself for the international market in terms of offering 14 different product lines produced for the protection and safety of workers.


Generate solutions in protection and quality of people’s lives.


Be a reference in manufacturing life protection products in the market.


· Customer first
· Socio-environmental responsibility
· Quality products and services.
· Innovation


Offer quality and protection to life.


Currently Koch Group is comprised of Koch EPIs and its Curtume CRK Couros, both located in the city of Estância Velha – RS, distant 50 kilometers from the state capital.

Koch’s main differential is owning tannery, which allows to have complete control of the production chain, not depending on third parties for the acquisition of the main raw material, leather.

With this, the end customer wins with the agility to deliver, making our Lead Time accurate and within the combined with the customer.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

KOCH EPIs together with the Curtume CRK® value for the harmony between company and environment, for this it destines all industrial solid residues, such as leather shavings, to a company specialized in the creation of organic fertilizer through leather, and is subsequently exported to Europe. In addition, in our tannery all water used in the production process is treated and reused again, this procedure generates large environmental gains as well as a significant decrease in the volumes of abstraction. Our entire staff is governed by the Labor Laws in force in the country, where they are fully served in all their rights.

The Koch Group participates in and prestige all activities related to events in the community that acts, participating in partnerships with Associations or similar, where it does not measure efforts so that it can attend in a non-assistential, but participatory way, seeking to assist the community in all the senses.