Technical consultancy

Koch makes available to its clients a qualified team and technical consultant, informed about labor laws, to assist in the generation of life protection solutions, MTE standards and E-social aspects.

Lectures / SIPAT

Focusing on protection, awareness, health and quality of life at work. Koch aims to serve organizations with dynamic and interactive lectures at SIPATs, free of charge for its clients.

Specialist in ergonomics

We offer our clients technical visits with ergonomists and physiotherapists, assisting in the ergonomic solutions and possible doubts of the NR17.

Personalization of work safety (according to each need)

Koch aiming at the best way to serve its customers offers models of PPE and custom accessories, which fit the necessary protection of each function for the best cost-benefit to the customer.


Koch develops custom item designs to serve PCD users without charging the value of the designed equipment.